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Choosing the proper frames for your face shape

Find yourself needing frames but not sure how to choose them?

An eye care expert suggests that you pay attention to the shape of your face and pick your frames according to that.

Knowing how your face is shaped and knowing which frames are best will help you make the best decision for yourself.


What are the face shapes?

An eye care professional breaks down proper glasses for five facial shapes: square, heart, oval, diamond and round. Accordingly, this eye care professional also suggests which types of frames each facial structure should avoid.


According to this eye care professional, a diamond face has wide cheekbones and a narrow forehead as well as angular jawlines. This eye care professional says diamond faces are the rarest of all facial structures. This eye care professional says the best types of frames for this facial structure are oval and rimless frames and glasses that have strong brow lines.

This same eye care professional suggests avoiding narrow or thin frames.

This eye care professional says the goal for people with this facial structure want to create balance and emphasize their facial features. This eye care professional says people with diamond-shaped faces don’t want to bring attention to the narrow eye line.


This eye care professional says heart faces have a broad forehead and small chin with high, angled cheekbones. This eye care professional says heart-faced people look younger because of the high cheekbones.

This eye care expert says the best frames here are thin, light-colored frames that help balance the narrow chin with oval and round-shaped glasses.

According to this eye care professional, people with heart-shaped faces want to balance the widths of their faces. This eye care professional suggests not bringing attention to the upper half of the face.


According to this eye care  professional, people with oval-shaped faces have a jawline that has a slight curve and is a bit more narrow than their forehead with high and angled cheekbones. This vision expert calls this facial structure the most versatile and says the oval face is many times called the ideal face because it has the most even proportions.

This eye care professional says that this face is open to square or round frames and dark or light frames. According to this eye care professional, people with this face shape want to differentiate their facial curves. Along with that, although there is a lot of versatility, this eye care professional suggests not choosing frames that are too big for the person’s features of his or her face.


This eye care expert says that people with round faces have full cheeks, a wide forehead and a round chin. This eye care professional says this facial structure also has the ability to make people look younger than what they are.

This eye care professional suggests square or strong frames with angled shapes.

According to this eye care expert, people with this facial structure want to shoot for providing differentiation to their faces and want to avoid frames that are not big or long enough and want to avoid round glasses.


This eye care expert says people with square faces have a broad forehead with a strong horizontal jawline, and people with this face have a face that is equally proportioned in width and length.

According to this eye care professional, round or oval glasses with dark or bold frames are best.

This eye care expert says people with this facial structure want to differentiate the face’s features and want to avoid geometric and square shapes, as well as light frames. This eye care professional also suggests not creating too many angles on your face.

We’ll help you

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